Crash & Dash Bathing Collection

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these stickers will fit onto any planner or calendar that you may have. 

Each sheet is a mini-sheet of our exclusive CRASH & DASH characters. 


Each sticker is kiss cut and printed on non-removable matte sticker paper with an inkjet printer. 


**Please note I do not claim ownership of all these designs, they correspond to their respective artists - you are using my services to make them into planner stickers. Some designs are my own, but not all. You are paying me for my time to create these items....not the art included in the items. 
**Because each sheet is individually cut, there may be a slight variance with each sheet. 
**colors may appear slightly different on paper than what your monitor shows. Although the image should be an accurate representation, the printed shade may be slightly different.
**Due to the variations that can occur at print time with the planning manufacturer, there might some slight sizing variations in the stickers also. No planner is printed exactly the same so you can expect some .1 or .2 sizing differences between planners.