River Street Stickers was founded in 2016. A side job for extra money has become a dream! Having the ability to raise a family and work from home is a true blessing.

Staying organized is very critical to us! In our family of 9, it is important to keep track of key dates, times, and information. This requires LOTS of planning! But, planning doesn't need to be boring! As a company, we love being creative and sharing great products with our customers!

River Street Stickers is located on Lake Huron in Northern Michigan. A year-round beauty, our location inspires our products and makes it possible to pass the seasons of beauty to our clients.

In November 2018, we moved from Etsy to our independent website after starting on Etsy in 2016. Although we still have an Etsy shop, our website allows us to build our brand and offer lower prices and exclusive products.