Are you excited? We are! We have gotten so many requests to bring back the mystery kits that we decided to expand on it and bring out an ENTIRE MYSTERY BOX! 

Are you excited yet? We couldn't contain our excitement when curating our first box. With so many things we wanted to include, it was hard to keep an affordable price point in mind because we wanted to BUY ALL THE THINGS! But, reality struck and we found a great combination of fun and functionality with our box. 

As an avid sub box lover, I took my favorite elements of all the boxes I have sampled and put a little River Street Sticker flair on it and it came out beautifully. From the packaging to the goodies inside, the moment you grab your box you will see and feel all the RSS love that went into it! 

and yes ITS A BOX! I've had a few sub "boxes" come in mailers and for me...if I buy something that says 'box' I expect a box! It just adds something to it. Makes it more like a little present I bought myself! Which is exactly why I wanted to make sure we wrapped the goodies up just like a present! The cute sparkly tissue paper makes ripping (or carefully opening) into your box more fun! With some added paper crinkles (great for kids to play with) to keep your products safe from shipping damage, we have really hit the nail on the head with our packaging! 

Once you open your box you will be sucked into the theme instantly. This months (November 2018) was The 90s! From the click pen to the pop are instantly reminded of the 90s and every item you pull out brings back those simple times when life was less crazy!

This months box included:

*post it notes

*boom box vinyl

*6 color click pen

*decorative sticker sheet

*die cuts

*6 page vertical or horizontal kit

*pop rocks

*surprise bag


at for a Presale cost of $30... you can't go wrong! 


Did you miss this box? Its ok! We have a few items in the shop that you can purchase that were featured in this box! We release them to the shop, in limited quantities, in our SHOP THE BOX section. 

December presales for our ZODIAC box starts Monday, November 19th and goes until Friday November 23. 

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