March Mystery Box

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3 years! We have been in business for 3 years and it been so much fun!
We have learned SO MUCH and have definitely changed a lot since 2016.
I decided that March's' Mystery Box would be the PERFECT way to celebrate our Shopiversary and it did not disappoint.
Let's check out all the amazing goodies that were included in our
Planner Girl Anniversary Box!
We started planning our Anniversary Box back in November of 2018. I knew there were several things I wanted to put in this box and I wanted to make sure I had enough time to make it happen. 
The pink and black is my style and everything in the box is items I use and love. 
So I wanted to make sure you could use and love them too!
Every month we include our due of decorative stickers and die cuts. 
This month's special bonus was a sheet of
FOILED headers and icons
Hot Pink icons and matte black headers added the perfect touch to this box!
We included our vinyls also! Each vinyl was personalized to the buyer's name! (vinyl shown below was customized to the buyers choice)
And our exclusive washi made its appearance yet again! This time we decided to go with a skinnier washi and I am so glad I did! It works so much better and can be used in so many more ways. Its definitely going to be showing up again in future boxes!
The BIG ITEM in our box this month was the
Holographic Pink Pocket Planner!
YES! I use a pocket planner in my purse for appointments, contacts, lists...etc 
everything you need to help keep a family of 9 in order.
I love my pocket planner so much I wanted to share one with you!
Plus, with the added touch of our rose gold planner clips as a presale bonus
you are guaranteed to have the perfect planner set up!
Our sweet treat this month came from ANOTHER small business!
These cute donut sugar cookies matched the kit perfectly! 
The kit featured a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles and I knew I had to have one in the box too!
When you support our small business, we do our best to pay it forward and support other small businesses. So, by purchasing our box, you are not only supporting us but you are supporting another shop as well!
Our 6-page kit was filled with pinks, creams, blacks, and oranges. 
Printed on bright white paper, these colors popped!
And nothing write better, more smooth than my favorite pen!
Inkjoy Gel .7 in black.
So of course, you got one too!
I had so much fun celebrating our 3-year Shopiversary that I can't wait until NEXT YEAR to do it again!
Make sure you join our FB group and follow us on IG so you know when the next presale is happening. 
Aprils Box is almost ready for presale and you're not gonna wanna miss this.
Make sure you pick up our COFFEE THEMED BOX
that goes on presale 
APRIL 8th, 2019