January Mystery Box

January Mystery Box

Januarys Mystery Boxes have been delivered and it turns out that this is their favorite box so far! 

So many people were not sure about the theme of the box, and now are kicking themselves because they passed it up!

One of the best parts of planning to create something that represents you! Your planner says everything there is about who you are. You CREATED it! So I wanted to curate a box that shows YOUR creativity. And we put out the PERFECT box for it! 

THESE COLORS ARE GORGEOUS! I know, I'm sure I say that about EVERY box. But, this is not only the perfect box to get your creativity going BUT it is also the perfect kit for spring!

This months box included:

*exclusive design: 15mm SHIMMER washi tape

* decorative sticker sheet

*exclusive design: Watercolor Paint Booklet

*6 page Vertical or Horizontal kit

*die cuts

*Bob Ross VInyl

*Sweet Treat: Candy Drops

*Watercolor brush pen and sketching pencil and eraser

*Surprise bag: mini watercolor paint palette


If you didn't grab a box, you can still grab some of the items in our shop! We always have a few SHOP THE BOX items that you can grab after our boxes ship in case you missed the presale or just want to purchase more! 

Our February Mystery Box is CRYSTALS and I know this one is going to be the best one yet!!

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