Monthly Views

Monthly Views

Do you use your monthly view in your planner? 

Most of us love to decorate it but not many of us use it in a way that can help us. Not only do I think planning can be pretty but I also feel as though it should be functional! In the past, my monthly calendars have always been pretty. Cute stickers here and there, but yet I was still forgetting something! Then, I decided to go basic functionality in my planner. 

I kept my weekly layouts to pretty planning and decided my monthlies needed a makeover...and fast! We were due with our 7th child in a few weeks and I knew our calendar would be filling up quickly with appointments, not to mention, school was starting soon and that means school activities and sports were headed our way and there was no way my monthly could handle all of it with the large stickers that came with monthly kits. 

I originally had mini boxes in my shop available in bold, pastel and neutral colors. I knew I had to customize them for each person in our family. I spent the next couple of days looking over the past month in my planner and deciding how I should proceed, and what colors should be assigned to who or what activity, and then started designing, printing and cutting. 

I can tell you that this has made a BIG difference in our family planning. Our family planner is extremely easy to read and we keep all our colors in the pocket in the back of our planner. I have been using this process for several months now and I wish I had started it sooner. 

Does your planner need a makeover? Even if you don't want to give up pretty planning, we can help you color coordinate these mini boxes to match your monthly kits. They fit in a variety of planners and leave plenty of room to use the other stickers you love. 

You can check out our shop listing here:

If you need a custom design, contact us. We would love to help!

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